Recent patents by the US Navy look like UFO technology

If you've seen the UFO Tic-Tac videos released by Navy pilots and authenticated by the U.S. Navy, you've also probably wondered: Where the heck is this technology coming from?

Strange new patents assigned to the U.S. Navy might suggest the Navy knows more than they are letting on. As The Drive reports, new patents have been filed by the Navy. These patents include never before seen technology that seems to be "UFO-like." The patents include technology designed to create force fields using high-energy electromagnetic fields. Another patent outlines designs for a compact fusion reactor small enough to fit into an aircraft, and powerful enough to pump out unprecedented amounts of power. And yet another that outlines new methods for advanced aerospace propulsion. 

Skeptics believe that the technology behind all of these patents was simply designed by the U.S. government. Others believe that the technology is alien in origin, and that the government has been reverse engineering alien tech since the mid 1900's. See below for a video released by the Washington Post

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